Probilife | Topical Probiotics
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Our Purpose

At Probilife we are driven to challenge conventional hygiene practices.

Our planet is precious and impacting people to adopt sustainable hygiene practices is paramount to our core belief. This informs our engagement with people, partners and customers.

What We Do

Probilife partners with customers to challenge the use of conventional products and solutions they offer. We educate, collaborate and incorporate topical probiotics into  products in order to provide solutions to the challenges that key industry sectors might be facing.

Our focus is very much on the replacement or enhancement of products and solutions that are either harmful or provide limited benefit to people, animals and the environment. Critically, we understand that innovation must meet both the growing global demand for natural product solutions, coupled with the ever present practical demand of commercial considerations.

CHRISAL – Our International Partner

CHRISAL NV – Fast Facts

  • Chrisal NV founded in 1989 by Corrie Gielen
  • Based in Lommel, Belgium
  • Concentrated on manufacturing “Green” Cleaning products
  • 2008 onwards established a reputation for innovation by introducing the PIP (Probiotics in Progress) Topical Probiotic Cleaning Products
  • Throughout its tenure holds various quality and innovation awards.
  • After 2008 subsequent progress made in using Probiotics for Personal Care, Animal Hygiene,Water Treatment and Air quality.

Exporting to over 50 countries

Market Sectors

Personal Care
Water Treatment
Animal Hygiene
Air Quality

Our Achievements